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Several gnomes for changing #costumes automatically. Attempts to be as intelligent as possible to prevent invalid outfits or undesierable results.


Access Beaded

Finally! The bathroom door to end all bathroom doors!

This is made on the Maxis bamboo beaded door because that's what I personally needed, but this is 100% cloneable and more versions might come. Probbaly in the VA hotel door, the UL French door and the basegame only-interior walnut door.

The door begins "unlocked". When "unlocked" any human sim, pet or NPC can go through the door. When a human sim-- and only a human sim-- goes through the door it will enter the "locked" state.

Once "locked" only the sim that locked the door may use it. It will remain locked until the sim passes through the door again. When locked only NPCs or the locking sim may use the door. All other human sims and pets are blocked from using it.

This is useful for bathrooms, small bedrooms or even if you wanted to make "private" rooms on an away lot (maybe a train car?). This door is "different" in a good way from some other privay doors, as detailed below (some redundency with the above paragraphs but oh well).



This antique-looking bed allows anyone to sleep in it after 4 PM. Made to try and create a boarding house situation.


Celeblounge Modsofa

Exactly like the Maxis sofa, but sims on the fame career can nap on it. Please be aware that your sim may need to have advanced a little in the Fame career to use this. It should be working by half a star. If your sim has a full star or more and can not nap, please let me know!



This painting was done as a comission at Jemcon 2013, 'Share a little bit in Maine' by Kori Handwerker (http://www.korimichele.com/). It's an interpritation of the character "Clash" from the show "Jem and the Holograms" in a Mardi Gras fashion. The Artist chose to inspire it by a lizard, and the results are stunning.



Attempts to remove stray come-and-see-me objects.



Please see This Page for the full documentation.



Tossing that "Uprorarious Salad of Life" this painting can be used to encourage sims to serve into and eat in that particualr room. If you place multiple paintings it will act as a sort of toggle, with one room being the prefered eating room and it will discourage the other rooms (until you change the settings). Sims may still eat in the discouraged rooms, but it will be much less attractive for them to do so.

When not at home, place this last in a room (particularly after the tables and chairs) to encourage sims to eat in that room. It does not support the toggle functionality.

Artwork by Amanda M. Website, Prints, Patreon, Ko-Fi, Instagram

Note The file has been updated-- I zipped the worng version originally, whoops.



Sims will leave their plates here instead of trying to clean them up. Eventually fills up (around 10 plates) and needs to be cleaned up when at home. When away from home can fill up infinitely, but the cleaning NPCs will still clean it up (eventually). Useful for dining situations where you don't want sims to wash their own dishes.



This calendar will report the day of the month to your sims and -- and this is amazing -- even introduce a concept of days off. Sims should have about every 6th and 7th day off.



A trash can that in addition to being a trash can will spawn an extra janitorial NPC to help clean up lots. It will spawn up to one of each that you have in your game. If you have all EPs (or Complete Collection) there's eight total. One is spawned by the Maxis lot controller so you can have up to seven. It will take a little to generate the NPC, since it makes sure not to create duplicates. It will also skip over any you don't have the pack for, in case you still refuse to install SuperStar or something.



Tune your fame (mostly made to test fame related objects).



This painting will allow your sims to get any of the maxis jobs.

They are listed under the default maxis jobs. Please remember that if you have a job that overwrites another, please know it is listed under the original career path name.


GhostBard Objects

A ghostly songstress. No settings, just place the large grave marker to summon and then remove it to remove her. She will sing, dance and enjoy the bar. Also plays violin if no other interactions are available.


GhostBard Transparent

An invisible ghostly bard. Has setting for piano (if one is available), gutiar, violin or bird puppet. Use the urn stone to control and remove the urn when bored with the entertainment.


GhostBard Visible

A Visible ghostly bard. Has setting for piano (if one is available), gutiar, violin or bird puppet. Use the small grave stone to control and remove the grave marker when bored with the entertainment.



Charges sims §20 per serving for a maxis meal when away from home. Sufficently famous sims can dine for free in studio town. Based on the timed Simlogical serving trays.


Ijseaons Autowinter

Automatically set the lot to use the 'winter' state for seasons when the object is initilized. Works on all locations, although it is intended for use on away lots.



When you look at a portrait, you see a person. My portrait has one person, FOUR TIMES. Others only have ONE, but that IS what makes mine FOUR percent more special.



Convert any counter into a bar!

The mangement is not responsible for unresponsible use. Works best on counters that have actual cabnitry.



This allows you to purchase things normally listed on the maxis display stands (flowers, candy, berries, grocery items, pet collars) and so on. You still have to buy it from an away lot and sit though an animation so this is not really a cheat, just something you can put down when you're remodeling all of your lots at once and don't have the store you need.

I didn't make this for myself because I have done that many times over the years.

A few quick notes:


Invisible Bobs

The invisble versions of all plumbobs: regular, date and superstar.



Place this object to encourage more sims to walk past. Goes invisible in live mode.


Morevisitorsgnome Away

Place this object to attempt to generate more sims on away lots. Has a very high uppper limit of sims it will try to bring to the lot.


Outfitchange Normal

Use this make unplayable sims dress in normal clothes when they are in the same room. Does not change sims back automatically on exit. Sims can walk though it and it turns invisible on away lots.



Just a computer compatible with phone plugins.



Use this to remove stuck objects out of world.



This file contains two dining chairs which become invisible once you place them. They use the basegame mid dining chair with the wooden back and blue seat.

One is chair height and another is offset to look better with beds and other objects. Place them on top of another object you would like sims to sit on.

The chairs are somewhat intelegent and will not allow sims to sit if the object they are on top of is in use, and also will flag the object they are on top of in use to try to discourage sims from using it while another sim is sitting on it.

Some minor issues...

  1. It does not look great with every possible object, but there's not much to be done about that.
  2. A sim can only use one chair on one object at a time, even if you place more than one object on a multitile object. This is because the chair cannot divine why the object is placed on is in use and the other chair will have already marked it in use.
  3. Some funky siutations the objects are not correctly marked not in use if a sim fails to sit, however this could be related to a Maxis bug in the game engine. Currently looking into various workarounds.



This dishwasher places like a rug to disquise any counter as a dishwasher. Also functions like one too, amazing!



It's a rug! It's a stove! It's both!


Seasons Thermomiter

Season-change controller base

All 5 graphic states: 4 seasons and Visible, as well as the menu for controlling other season-change objects. Also changes sims from normal to winter clothes when they go outdoors.

Tempature Token - Hidden?

Keeps track of tempature between lots. Ideally this will be hidden.



Sharon Knettell, a fine artist worked as an illustrator through the 1980's. Working for Hasbro, she had become increasingly fed up with them altering her illustrations. When sent the "New Wave Waterbed" she was unsure how to illustrate a large rectangle. In her frustration with Hasbro, she posed the dolls she was illustrating for them all over the bed in a provocative way. This photo memorializes an artist's jab at her employer.



Update 27th Nov 2022

You can now set a particular costume trunk offset with the outfit for picking a particular costume trunk outfit. It will also pick a random value on start. You can also force the uniform to update (regardless if you're using a trunk costume or not) if you change it and want to see the change now with the menu, or another object forces them out of their uniform and they aren't chaning back in a timely manner.

Update 26th Nov 2022

Fixed an issue where a string was not updated after I changed how something worked. Payment is per shift, not per four hours.

This is a fairly complicated object, so pay attention!

This object lets you hire a sim from the neighborhood (or a townie, or whatever) to work as a service sim for you. You can configure how much you charge per shift, as well as the arrival and end times. Sims can optionally be paid with the Simlogical cashbox cheques which can be deposited with the box. This is the only way to "pay" a sim not in the current household. However the sim must be on the lot at the time of assignment just to make sure they are valid.

You can pick from a few "families" of duties which I'll detail below in order of priority. You can assign any or all of these to any sim, however if you assign all of them to a sim on a big lot with a lot of object and sims they may not finish everything.

You can also select an outfit for the sim from any of the Maxis outfit IDs including HP costume trunk and some of the ones from SuperStar and Makin' Magic. The Makin' Magic Magician one is just a white shirt tucked into black pants which works as a fairly suitably classy maid uniform. Or, if you like you can use luau or swimwear for you staff.

Note: It is recomended that you set a shift between four and twenty hours for best results.

Nanny / Child and Pet Care

Attempts to care for babies and pets. Probably will only "see" Maxis objects, sadly.


Cooks for the household. Will make a meal roughly an hour or hour and a half after arriving, then will wait at least three hours before making another meal. This is designed to get two meals in a six hour shift, but at least on meal in a four hour shift.

Also, you might want to pick a sim with good cooking skill and buy a fire alarm, for obvious reasons.


Sim will look for things to fix. Probably double this up with another duty, unless your sims are always breaking things. Also, pick a sim with good mechanical.


Sims will garden. This is a touch buggy sometimes as the plants have a mind of their own about what the sim should do next, but you may have noticed this on the Maxis Gardener sometimes so there's not much that can be done about it.


Sim will clean. That's it.


Talkin Trev

A chemset craftable, Talkin' Trev allows you to build charisma while you raise your social. Talk to him while you're out just to build social.

Designed so that shy sims are more likely to chat just for fun, sims who are shy or interested in technology raise social faster. Requires seven logic points to attempt to craft, but the more logic you have the less change of it breaking. When reparied, the new breaking chance is the old breaking chance + the repairing sim's logic skill divided by two. For NPCs it overrides the check and assumes they have max logic, since I didn't want a repairsim that had full mech actually making it break more often.

The thinger is as follows: (Break chance + Reparing Sim's Logic) / 2.

More information on craftables is available here.



Time Tuning Gnome, used to figure out WTF the day of month is used for. Possibly useful for someone else who is interested in the clock system built into the game.



Visit any Old Town or Creepy Hollow lot you like!



Use this painting to control where your sims want to wash dishes. They may still use other sinks, but this can be used to encourage them to try the sinks in one room first. Also will affect dishwashers.

Can be made invisible, too!

When not at home, place this last in a room (particularly after the sinks and dishwashers) to discourage sims to wash dishes in that room. It does not support the toggle functionality.



A fridge that accepts plug-in-able foods for your sims to cook!

Packaged with the foods, many are split into two files. You need the fridge, a recipe and the actual meal objects. I am working on some custom meals which I would like to post soon (written on January 11th 2024) and some other fun objects that also use the plug-in foods.


Seasons Autoseason

Season-change controller base + Autofunction.

All 5 graphic states: 4 seasons and Visible, as well as the menu for controlling other season-change objects. Also changes sims from normal to winter clothes when they go outdoors.

This will look at a lot type and intelegently pick a season for use with seasonal objects on away lots.


Seasons Autovisible

Season-change controller base plus Autovisible state.

All 5 graphic states: 4 seasons and Visible, as well as the menu for controlling other season-change objects. Also changes sims from normal to winter clothes when they go outdoors.


Simazon Core Plus

This is an expandable system that allows arbitrary deliveries.

This ships with a series of phone plugins to let you order the MM grocery items and berries/grapes, the UL growable cops and pet treats so that the system does something out of the box.

Creators can example the phone plugin and the inventory box to see how things work (or of course ask me questions, I'm around). Simply create an object out of world, set it to have a relationship of 255 with the package controller object and the relation in reverse (controller to object) to the number of days the package should spend in transit. Use 0 to deliver at the next available delivery, possibly same-day. You can also use the generic box without cloning if you set relations between the generic box and an out of world object to 255 both ways. Or, just clone it and set your own box to have a relationship to the main controller and spawn things on opening. You can have the box do anything when you open it, spawn a baby crade, fire, a monster.