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I always hated how Children only have two places to visit (three if you count family vacations) and no NPC children can ever spawn in magic town!

Now, they can! Place this on any Magic Town lot you would like to have children visit and they will come through the portals just like the adult townies/clownies/stranges. It will select children from the Vacation family pool, the Strange family (family number 6000-- in case you want to use the Simlogical Move Plant to make some of your own magictown wandering children) or any child with a magic wand in their inventory.

You can use these on a residental lot to have a chance of 'lost' children showing up. Particularly bold (outging) childen may even invite themselves into your home. Obviously, you can simply decide not to use the object on any lot where you don't want this to happen.

If it can't find a portal, it will spawn them near itself. Delete when bored with effect. Can be cloned/recolored.

This file was uploaded on or before 3rd Jun 2024.