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Simazon Core Plus


This is an expandable system that allows arbitrary deliveries.

This ships with a series of phone plugins to let you order the MM grocery items and berries/grapes, the UL growable cops and pet treats so that the system does something out of the box.

Creators can example the phone plugin and the inventory box to see how things work (or of course ask me questions, I'm around). Simply create an object out of world, set it to have a relationship of 255 with the package controller object and the relation in reverse (controller to object) to the number of days the package should spend in transit. Use 0 to deliver at the next available delivery, possibly same-day. You can also use the generic box without cloning if you set relations between the generic box and an out of world object to 255 both ways. Or, just clone it and set your own box to have a relationship to the main controller and spawn things on opening. You can have the box do anything when you open it, spawn a baby crade, fire, a monster.

This file was uploaded on or before 30th Dec 2022.