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Planter Ceramicpot


The ceramic pot from the Maxis cactus is now liberated and available as a modular planter!

Requires Vacation or possibly later due to the height 9 requirement.

This can be recolored safely and with no problems.

To use this, place your plant first, then place the planter on a tile next to the plant. If the planter can, it will "swallow up" the object. Next, move the planter anywhere you like.

This is compatible with almost any one-tile object, in case you would like to get creative.

This planter places them the heighest and they more-or-less sit on top of the planter.

Some minor issues...

  1. Z-fighting may occour in some cases, this varied between my machines so I don't think I can do too much about it.
  2. Some things are too square for the round pot, but that's showbiz, babey!

This file was uploaded on or before 14th May 2024.