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There's a lot of ways to donate and people may think it is "confusing" or they've "never heard of that service" or "why can't you just use x?". Well, this page will hopefully help explain that.

Why don't you just use...

I'm very contentious about my money and so on. I don't want to "call out" any platforms but the short answer is that I either do not anticipate enough donations to cover their fees or simply do not trust them with my money.

One-Time Donation

If you would like to make a one-time donation the best ways are Venmo, CashApp or-- and I don't really like this one but because of their brand power I have no choice-- PayPal.

Monthly or Annual

The best way is LiberaPay, but I also have a Ko=fi. $9.62 per week will pay for the site hosting.