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Now your sims are one step closer to that indoors/outdoors luxury barbeque with finger buffet!

This file contains three planters, each which places the plant at different heights.

H9Ap75 and H9A1p12 require Vacation or possibly later due to the height 9 requirement.

This can be recolored safely and with no problems.

To use this, place your plant first, then place the planter on a tile next to the plant. If the planter can, it will "swallow up" the object. Next, move the planter anywhere you like.

This is compatible with almost any one-tile object, in case you would like to get creative.

Some minor issues...

  1. Z-fighting may occour in some cases, this varied between my machines so I don't think I can do too much about it.
  2. Not everything looks good at every height, hence why I am offering three

This file was uploaded on or before 14th May 2024.