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Generate-A-Family v.2

Now database-based!

The Marx Family

Rick Marx (Male Adult)
This sim is aspires for Pleasure.
Neat: 4; Outgoing: 5; Active: 2; Playful: 5; Nice: 9
This sim is attracted to Hats & Stink but finds Formalwear a huge turn-off!

Born on the right side of the tracks, this sim's aunt used to dance for the money they'd throw. Rick moved to sim city when they were a child. They like to work out to be the most attractive person at the grocery store. They like to collect alpacas and put googly eyes on them and pretend they are their friends. This sim moved away from vacation island's snowy mountians and is looking to start a new life.

Joey Marx (Male Toddler)
This sim is aspires to Grow up.
Neat: 4; Outgoing: 5; Active: 8; Playful: 3; Nice: 5
This sim is too young for hanky-panky, snogging or anything of the sort!

This sim is too young to have a convoluted backstory!

The Marx House

This family's property is 3×3 with lots of trees and bushes. This house is built in the Cottage style. It has 3 bathroom(s) and 4 bedroom(s) across 6 floor(s). The interior features an eat-in kitchen. In this house there are lots of plants.