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Please Help

September 2nd 2022

My computer has died unexpectedly in a very big way. I'm looking for about $800 (USD) to replace parts. If you can at all give something please use a link on the left. I have never solicited for donations before, sold any of my sims hacks or even offered donation gifts. However, if you would like to see this site stay online and me to be able to continue making things, please consiter using on the links on the side to donate.

Anything helps. Even $25 is 1/32 of the way there.


1 West Street

Two apartments side-by-side in a Japanese-inspired house. Apartment.



Several gnomes for changing #costumes automatically. Attempts to be as intelligent as possible to prevent invalid outfits or undesierable results.



My real-life self-sim. My hair is different now, though.



No description available.


Celeblounge Modsofa

No description available.



No description available.



Attempts to remove stray come-and-see-me objects.



Please see This Page for the full documentation.



This calendar will report the day of the month to your sims and -- and this is amazing -- even introduce a concept of days off. Sims should have about every 6th and 7th day off.



No description available.



No description available.


GhostBard Objects

A ghostly songstress. No settings, just place the large grave marker to summon and then remove it to remove her. She will sing, dance and enjoy the bar. Also plays violin if no other interactions are available.


GhostBard Transparent

An invisible ghostly bard. Has setting for piano (if one is available), gutiar, violin or bird puppet. Use the urn stone to control and remove the urn when bored with the entertainment.


GhostBard Visible

A Visible ghostly bard. Has setting for piano (if one is available), gutiar, violin or bird puppet. Use the small grave stone to control and remove the grave marker when bored with the entertainment.


Ijseaons Autowinter

No description available.



No description available.



No description available.



Place this object to encourage more sims to walk past. Goes invisible in live mode.


Morevisitorsgnome Away

Place this object to attempt to generate more sims on away lots. Has a very high uppper limit of sims it will try to bring to the lot.


Outfitchange Normal

No description available.



No description available.



This file contains two dining chairs which become invisible once you place them. They use the basegame mid dining chair with the wooden back and blue seat.

One is chair height and another is offset to look better with beds and other objects. Place them on top of another object you would like sims to sit on.

The chairs are somewhat intelegent and will not allow sims to sit if the object they are on top of is in use, and also will flag the object they are on top of in use to try to discourage sims from using it while another sim is sitting on it.

Some minor issues...

  1. It does not look great with every possible object, but there's not much to be done about that.
  2. A sim can only use one chair on one object at a time, even if you place more than one object on a multitile object. This is because the chair cannot divine why the object is placed on is in use and the other chair will have already marked it in use.
  3. Some funky siutations the objects are not correctly marked not in use if a sim fails to sit, however this could be related to a Maxis bug in the game engine. Currently looking into various workarounds.



No description available.



No description available.


Seasons Thermomiter

No description available.



This object will simulate the college semester clock for any young adult sims who happen to live outside of a university hood. Typically, I place it on their home lot. It reacts a bit differently in some situations. You must physically place this on the lot for time on that lot to contribute to the semester clock.



No description available.


Talkin Trev

A chemset craftable, Talkin' Trev allows you to build charisma while you raise your social. Talk to him while you're out just to build social.

Designed so that shy sims are more likely to chat just for fun, sims who are shy or interested in technology raise social faster. Requires seven logic points to attempt to craft, but the more logic you have the less change of it breaking. When reparied, the new breaking chance is the old breaking chance + the repairing sim's logic skill divided by two. For NPCs it overrides the check and assumes they have max logic, since I didn't want a repairsim that had full mech actually making it break more often.

The thinger is as follows: (Break chance + Reparing Sim's Logic) / 2.

More information on craftables is available here.



Time Tuning Gnome, used to figure out WTF the day of month is used for. Possibly useful for someone else who is interested in the clock system built into the game.



No description available.


Seasons Autoseason

No description available.


Seasons Autovisible

No description available.



My real-life boyfriend's self-sim. His hair is different now, though.


West Stunden Apartments

No description available.