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Sims 1 Downloads

Invisible (plumb) Bobs

No in-game screenshot because, er, there's nothing to show. The files below hide the various plumbbobs in-game. The game has three types of 'bob and I have one file for each type.

All the mods were made in CC. It looks like the standard plumbbob was updated at some point so I'm not sure what game level that is compatible with.

Career Track Picker Painting

A painting that lets you pick a career path. Should correctly check for EPs. This was made a long, long time ago and the artwork for the painting features the view from my old bedroom. Funny how things live on, eh?

This is no longer supported because, well, I don't actually remember making it but looking at it I'm sure its my handiwork.

Sims 1 Calendar

Sims 1 Calendar that allows your sims to have weekends off.

I'm not supporting this anymore pending a new time and date system *and* I lost the image I had of it but someone requested it so I'm posting it.

Full Outfit changing suite / fleet of gnomes

Costume changing gnomes for every outfit!

These are a vast improvement over my old ones... how you may ask well?

  • These only work on sims in the same room
  • Sims can walk through them
  • Invisible on away lots
  • Ignores your playable sims
  • The normal changing gnome to ignore swim outfits if the gnome is in the same room as a pool ladder or hot tub. This prevents sims from doing aquatic activities in dresses and pants.

Automated Simoleon Dispenser (ASD)

Graphics from Spasce Cadet!
This object absolutely requires Inge's inter-sim payment system.

The file you probably want is The other file is my old ugly version.

  • Requires hot date or higher, because of how the system works


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