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Update 27th Nov 2022

You can now set a particular costume trunk offset with the outfit for picking a particular costume trunk outfit. It will also pick a random value on start. You can also force the uniform to update (regardless if you're using a trunk costume or not) if you change it and want to see the change now with the menu, or another object forces them out of their uniform and they aren't chaning back in a timely manner.

Update 26th Nov 2022

Fixed an issue where a string was not updated after I changed how something worked. Payment is per shift, not per four hours.

This is a fairly complicated object, so pay attention!

This object lets you hire a sim from the neighborhood (or a townie, or whatever) to work as a service sim for you. You can configure how much you charge per shift, as well as the arrival and end times. Sims can optionally be paid with the Simlogical cashbox cheques which can be deposited with the box. This is the only way to "pay" a sim not in the current household. However the sim must be on the lot at the time of assignment just to make sure they are valid.

You can pick from a few "families" of duties which I'll detail below in order of priority. You can assign any or all of these to any sim, however if you assign all of them to a sim on a big lot with a lot of object and sims they may not finish everything.

You can also select an outfit for the sim from any of the Maxis outfit IDs including HP costume trunk and some of the ones from SuperStar and Makin' Magic. The Makin' Magic Magician one is just a white shirt tucked into black pants which works as a fairly suitably classy maid uniform. Or, if you like you can use luau or swimwear for you staff.

Note: It is recomended that you set a shift between four and twenty hours for best results.

Nanny / Child and Pet Care

Attempts to care for babies and pets. Probably will only "see" Maxis objects, sadly.


Cooks for the household. Will make a meal roughly an hour or hour and a half after arriving, then will wait at least three hours before making another meal. This is designed to get two meals in a six hour shift, but at least on meal in a four hour shift.

Also, you might want to pick a sim with good cooking skill and buy a fire alarm, for obvious reasons.


Sim will look for things to fix. Probably double this up with another duty, unless your sims are always breaking things. Also, pick a sim with good mechanical.


Sims will garden. This is a touch buggy sometimes as the plants have a mind of their own about what the sim should do next, but you may have noticed this on the Maxis Gardener sometimes so there's not much that can be done about it.


Sim will clean. That's it.

This file was uploaded on or before 25th Nov 2022.