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Misc Updates

OK so I want to post an update about where I am with various projects. Officially I am still working on JemCon first but I got a lot more of that out of the way faster than I thought I would so I sort of have time to poke at objects again.

Project Stage Status
Surf Shack NPC for SpaceCadet's Surf Shack Determining functionality for users without SuperStar who could not make use of renting a wet suit. Active(ish)
Time & Date System Implementation, Fleshing out into something bigger Active as solutions, ideas emerge.
Nine to Five (Work Lots Project) Framework Object Implementation Active, closeish to a beta release. If I get back to this one.
Drivable Cars Alpha Devlopment Currently cars can take you places... but not back from places so the framework is about 50% done.
Werewolves Futzing around with Sort of kind of works.

If there are any other projects that slipped my mind leave a comment or let me know.

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