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I shall return!

Yes. I'm going away for a week, then planning to host a convention, then going to said convention (not the one I'm hosting, I'm hosting 2015 but attending 2014!) and then... planning the convention more.

So, where this leaves my sims projects is... October. I am saying here and now that I probably will not resume work until October. However, I will list what projects I have in the pipe and what 'stage' I am at below so people can complain when they're not done on time.

Project Stage Status
Surf Shack NPC for SpaceCadet's Surf Shack Planning Stages Active
Time & Date System Implementation Active as solutions emerge.
Nine to Five (Work Lots Project) Framework Object Implementation Active, closeish to a beta release.

SpaceCadet's Surf Shack is LOVELY and I am working an NPC and some functions for it. Maybe I'll visit a real-life surf shack while I'm away at the beach for inspiration.

I have just thought about a new way to do the time and date system and handle the tokens, so hopefully I'll be able to find my notes on that later. I know this all sounds very cryptic but there's no good way to explain what I'm thinking. Also I do still plan to implement holidays and haven't forgotten how I want to thread some ideas together to built on the MM questing system. Honestly I think I am adding more to this than EA did some some sims 3 EPs (shots fired.)

I should be able to release a beta or 'hackers development version' of the work lots / nine-to-five thing soon. I just need to figure out how the stairs work. And this brings us to yet another silly video at the end of a blog post. Not a song this time, though.

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