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The Tactile, Innovative Elephant in the Room

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Sims 4.

Look, I'm not gonna pull punches... the demo is not great. Making it convoluted to even change colors really does make me mis CAsT. And I hate sims 3. You will notice there is no sims 3 section here. Sims 2 is mostly houses, though I may pick up and do a story again in sims 2, though.

Sims 4 may have a solid enough gameplay experience for me-- I mean, feature-wise maybe it's not there but I still can not yet judge how the game will play in my own two hands. For now the demo is, uh, alright I guess. Recoloring things is as simple as sims 2, if you mind the alpha channel, so there's that. Sims 3 did not offer me much, but a lot of missing 'features' of sims 4 are not things I was keen on anyway. That said I still think toddlers ought to have been in the game. Pools I could take or leave. Still waiting for a 'Down your Babies' EP.

Will I do more blog posts? MAYBE. Maybe not. It all depends.

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