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Full Outfit changing suite / fleet of gnomes

Costume changing gnomes for every outfit!

These are a vast improvement over my old ones... how you may ask well?

  • These only work on sims in the same room
  • Sims can walk through them
  • Invisible on away lots
  • Ignores your playable sims
  • The normal changing gnome to ignore swim outfits if the gnome is in the same room as a pool ladder or hot tub. This prevents sims from doing aquatic activities in dresses and pants.

Each gnome enforces the outfit type only on sims who would otherwise we wearing a normal outfit, so no swimming in a costume or anything if you have it on an enclosed porch.

Exception: The gnome that changes sims to the default outfit will work on sims who are anything but naked or already in their normal outfits.

They don't change sims back on exit, just place the default outfit changer outside if you want to enforce separate drescodes on the same areas on an away lot.

The following outfits are included:

  • Work (Ignores children and uses high fashion for fame track sims)
  • Formal (Uses HP expanded formal, if available, for children)
  • Swim
  • Pajamas
  • Winterwear (VA)
  • High Fashion (SS)
  • Normal / Everydaywear
  • Toga (HD costume trunk)
  • Rave (HD costume trunk)
  • Disco (HD costume trunk)
  • Costume Trunk Swim (HD costume trunk; Will use default swim if unavailable)
  • Costume Trunk Pjs (HD costume trunk; Will use default Pjs if HD is unavailable)[
  • Costume Trunk Formals (HD costume trunk; Will use normal formal is HD is unavailable, will also ignore children in that case)
  • Country / Western (HD costume trunk)
  • Luau (HD costume trunk)
  • Costume (HD costume trunk)

There are two files listed-- the "ct" is the costume trunk outfits and the "dresser" file is the normal outfits.


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