Message Board Rules, Conventions and Nonsense

Okay, so what's this about?

This is more a case of basic common courtesy... and because I don't want anyone to pull that I didn't know I wasn't supposed to act like a moron!. I don't expect to need to need to enforce anything, but just in case...

The Rules

  1. Please keep language PG-13 ish.
  2. Please keep images PG-13ish.
  3. Please keep underwear PG-13ish.
  4. Double posting is OK, as long as the second message is worthwhile. Also keep in mind everything is threaded.
  5. Please do not consecutively bump a thread. Also "Oh my Gods, no one cares let it die".

Unregistered Comments

Unregistered comments are moderated by a real human being. They should appear withing 48 hours. If you are concerned your comment was valid, legitimate and helpful but has not been posted I feel that is more a problem on your end than ours.


Rules to be added, changed, amended &c. as needed or required by laws civil, natural, organic or artificial. No animals were harmed in the making of these rules. Prizes may be redeemed but will probably continue living a life of sin.