Come and See Me Remover

This is a gnome that removes the come and see me objects from a lot. It will remove itself once it is done looking.

Sims 2 At Home Semester Clock

This is designed for use with Squinge's Mega College Pack. Basically, it simulates the semester clock so you don't have to use the debug object anymore. Once an hour it will advance the clock for each YA on the lot. It looks like a college assignment and is under study. You can delete it to pause the clock. For the most part it should function on any lot you place it on, so you can opt in community lots in your main hoods or just relegate it to home lots.

Annual Update

This is my annual update in which I apologize for not updating more.

I am still hacking, progress is just slow.

I have started sims 2 hacking, which is fun.

So, yeah, that's what I'm up to these days.

Invisible (plumb) Bobs

No in-game screenshot because, er, there's nothing to show. The files below hide the various plumbbobs in-game. The game has three types of 'bob and I have one file for each type.

All the mods were made in CC. It looks like the standard plumbbob was updated at some point so I'm not sure what game level that is compatible with.

Hey look!

So some of you over on CTO might be aware I (in passing) mentioned an issue with my game since getting a new graphics card. That's fixed.

So what does this mean? Will I be hacking more recently? Possibly. It depends where this convention and my day job take me. I do plan to hack more... it's just a question of when. I am solving issues in my head, though, if only I could hack objects from work eh?

Where did the time go?

Still around. Started a full time job. Busybusybusy.

But not leaving simming. Have a graphics card issue that makes sims 1 not display properly which I may have to fix, though.


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