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Generate-A-Family v.2

Now database-based!

The Years Family

Yeves Years (Male Adult)
This sim is aspires for Pleasure.
Neat: 7; Outgoing: 7; Active: 2; Playful: 6; Nice: 3
This sim is attracted to Cutstom Hair & Black Hair but finds Unemployment a huge turn-off!

Born to an estranged mother and a very smelly father, this sim was raised by their brother. Yeves grew up next door to the society for lively weeks. This sim likes to watch the weather channel so they are prepared for high-level debates of smalltalk. Yeves wants to be the sim with the most bracelets! This sim wants to become the most noncombustible sim here!

The Years House

This family's property is 3×1 with visible coastline. This house is built in the Ranch style. It has 3 bathroom(s) and 3 bedroom(s) across 4 floor(s). The interior features a bathroom with 2 sinks. In this house each room is decorated mostly in brown and lime.