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Plugin Fridge

January 11th 2024

The long awaited Plug-In Fridge is here!

Bots, bots, bots

September 29th 2023

Due to increased bot activity, you must be registered and logged in in order to download files. This is 100% free, and gives you access to posting comments, starting conversations on the board and your very own @peacock.leadpipecollection.net XMPP account, which you can use to join our live sims chat [email protected]. You can also join it through chat here.

I didn't really want to do this, but there's a lot of weird bot activity going on lately.

New Again

June 15th 2023

Sims 1

Extra Janitor Trashcan


June 11th 2023

Sims 1

Away lot food tray

Dish Deposit

Thank You

March 23rd 2023

Special thank you to Dukasha for providing images and some descriptions.


March 6th 2023

I am taking a deliberate haitus for as long as it ends up being. Simply put I'm a bit discouraged with the way things are going in the sims 1 community-- or what's left of it. I can't promise I'll be back, but I can't promise to leave forever, either. I still moderate and will continue to moderate The Sims Drive-In. Email or Telegram remain the best ways to get in touch with me. I've been playing sims 2 a lot, more than before possibly. Perhaps I'll put out more for that in the future. It's about time, eh?

When I designed this website, I didn't know something in my life would be changing and giving me more time to go back to creating ("modding") the game. As quickly as that change came, something else came the other way. Perhaps my whims am as fickle as autumn weather.

Farewell but not goodbye.

Thiscord is Discord

January 14th 2023

I have decided to try reviving my discord as a place for people to get up the second info on my mods as well as try to support discussion of sims 1 modding.

Join here

Wendy the Vending Machine Update

December 29th 2022

I have updated Wendy the Vending Machine with a version that actually appears in the catalog as intended. Instead of... not appearing. Please redownload.

Comunity Updates

December 9th 2022

Did you know we have a Community section? Probably not, it's just littered with test posts right now. However, I have made one big change. All new users must have their first comment approved by a moderator (currently, me).

Also some minor improvements to the content moderation system and a few tweaks in the back in anticipation for hopefully a big, exciting update.

I am Entering my Flamingo Era

November 22nd 2022

Or, The State of the Hack
I brought up on a particular board that I was working on a roommate hack. This is still true, to a point. It has morphed into a housemate hack which can be used alongside other hacks (apartments, hacked doors) to make a roommate situation. At the moment, sims contribute their full pay to the household in exchange for using all your stuff and your money for food/cooking. I think I might keep it this way. I am trying to decide if I want carpools to come, or if I just want sims to walk to work. Lots of hum-ing and haw-ing over that. Currently, the object entirely forgets who the roommate is if they actually exit the lot "properly" in a way that remove their object intance.

Anyway, that's where that is.

RSS Feed

November 17th 2022

We now have an RSS feed. You can follow it, if you like, [follow it here].


November 1st 2022

In case you are wondering, I have my new computer now. Now just to get the game running on it.

A while back I teased a roommate door. This has changed into more of a housemate manager, since existing apartment object and lockable doors can be used to manage access to rooms and objects already. I may make a reverse version of my privacy door where other sims can only enter once the assigned sim is inside the door, though.

Site Update

October 5th 2022

Fixed an issue that caused zip files to corrupt upon being send for download.

Still looking for help regarding fixing my computer, though.

Please Help

September 2nd 2022

My computer has died unexpectedly in a very big way. I'm looking for about $800 (USD) to replace parts. If you can at all give something please use a link on the left. I have never solicited for donations before, sold any of my sims hacks or even offered donation gifts. However, if you would like to see this site stay online and me to be able to continue making things, please consiter using on the links on the side to donate.

Anything helps. Even $25 is 1/32 of the way there.