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Generate-A-Family v.2

Now database-based!

The Reflective Family

Hugh Reflective (Male Adult)
This sim is aspires for Popularity.
Neat: 7; Outgoing: 1; Active: 7; Playful: 4; Nice: 6
This sim is attracted to Fatness & Stink but finds Hats a huge turn-off!

Born to an estranged father and a very smelly mother, this sim was raised by a wandering street gang of cats until the fuzz caught up to them. Hugh's favorite show as a child was ernie the white cheese. Hugh enjoys a broad variety of activities ranging from golf to miniature golf. Hugh is elegant and mysterious. This sim wants to become the most smooth sim here!

Sabrina Reflective (Female Adult)
This sim is aspires for Popularity.
Neat: 3; Outgoing: 2; Active: 10; Playful: 2; Nice: 8
This sim is attracted to Beards & Werewolves but finds Handiness a huge turn-off!

Born alone-- neither of their parents decided to show up to their own birth-- this sim was raised by their mother. Sabrina's foster dad used to do whatever they could-- preach a little gospel or sell beards. They like to collect swimwear and put googly eyes on them and pretend they are their friends. They like to work out to be the most attractive person at vacation island's snowy mountians. This sim recently left their roommate because they simply cannot stand useless sims.

The Reflective House

This family's property is 5×6 with visible coastline. This house is built in the Tudor style. It has 1 bathroom(s) and 1 bedroom(s) across 2 floor(s). The interior features a conservatory. In this house each room is decorated in a different monochromatic color scheme.