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Access Beaded

Gardener Gretchen

This is the beginning of the comment thread for Access Beaded.

Access Beaded


Finally! The bathroom door to end all bathroom doors!

This is made on the Maxis bamboo beaded door because that's what I personally needed, but this is 100% cloneable and more versions might come. Probbaly in the VA hotel door, the UL French door and the basegame only-interior walnut door.

The door begins "unlocked". When "unlocked" any human sim, pet or NPC can go through the door. When a human sim-- and only a human sim-- goes through the door it will enter the "locked" state.

Once "locked" only the sim that locked the door may use it. It will remain locked until the sim passes through the door again. When locked only NPCs or the locking sim may use the door. All other human sims and pets are blocked from using it.

This is useful for bathrooms, small bedrooms or even if you wanted to make "private" rooms on an away lot (maybe a train car?). This door is "different" in a good way from some other privay doors, as detailed below (some redundency with the above paragraphs but oh well).

  • It is bidirectional and does not care which side needs to be the "secure" side.
  • Pets may use freely when unlocked, but cannot lock the door.
  • NPCs may always use the door, this is because many of them don't know how to act properly if they cannot reach the thing they need right now.
  • The player (you) may click the door to reset the security in the event the sim exits the room in an unintended way such as death or being taken by the social worker.
  • You can clone me, I don't mind.

This file was uploaded on or before 6th Oct 2022.

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