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Generate-A-Family v.2

Now database-based!

The Formalwear Family

Andrew Formalwear (Male Adult)
This sim is aspires for Family.
Neat: 2; Outgoing: 1; Active: 10; Playful: 9; Nice: 3
This sim is attracted to Gray Hair & Underwear but finds Handiness a huge turn-off!

Born on the other side of a town ripped in two, this sim was raised by a wandering street gang of llamas until the fuzz caught up to them. Andrew grew up next door to the society for infared owls. They like to cook as a way to work out their extra aggression. This sim likes to watch documentaries about handiness. This sim moved away from belladonna cove and is looking to start a new life.

Gabby Formalwear (Male Toddler)
This sim is aspires to Grow up.
Neat: 3; Outgoing: 5; Active: 9; Playful: 5; Nice: 3
This sim is too young for hanky-panky, snogging or anything of the sort!

This sim is too young to have a convoluted backstory!

The Formalwear House

This family's property is 5×4 with lots of extreme changes in elevation. This house is built in the Cottage style. It has 4 bathroom(s) and 1 bedroom(s) across 4 floor(s). The interior features an L-shaped room for entertaining. In this house there is a collection of possums left by the previous owner.