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Willow the Pizza Dude

This is the beginning of the comment thread for Inventoyvend.



This allows you to purchase things normally listed on the maxis display stands (flowers, candy, berries, grocery items, pet collars) and so on. You still have to buy it from an away lot and sit though an animation so this is not really a cheat, just something you can put down when you're remodeling all of your lots at once and don't have the store you need.

I didn't make this for myself because I have done that many times over the years.

A few quick notes:

  • Children can use this and buy things that the game normally gates off. They can give gifts but there's no animation for it. Otherwise, there's no real ramifications to them having extra things they can't use stuck in their inventory. ┐(; ̄ヘ ̄)┌
  • It uses the Maxis logic for finding things to buy. As far as I can tell all things are available everywhere, but I might have missed something.
  • The animations are what they are, they aren't perfect but I feel they are acceptable at the expense of giving people a new vending machine design.
  • Pet treats and pet toys are together in one menu, even though Maxis distinguishes between them with different call trees I didn't want pet treats all on their lonesome. If you have any hacked things that identify as pet treats you will find them there.

This file was uploaded on or before 28th Dec 2022.

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